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Ashwagandha (Cut & Sifted)


Ashwagandha root has a Latin name, ‘Withania somnifera’. It is a five foot tall deep-green leafed shrub which belongs to the Solanaceae family. The root has clusters of pale yellow flowers and a red fruit growing in the center of the flower. The roots grow up to eight to twelve centimeters long and are used as organic herbs. It is said to have a pretty unique and strong flavor when brewed as a tea. It helps control cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system.

Organic Way sources its certified organic Ashwagandha Cut & Sifted direct from small-scale farm co-ops in India. If you like this herb’s unique flavor, you may also enjoy our organic Tulsi (Krishna) Cut & Sifted.

Our cut and sifted Ashwagandha means that the herb is not sold in whole form, but rather "cut" into smaller pieces and then "sifted" to remove the small pieces and dust that result from the cutting process."



Ashwagandha has a mythical reputation and whose name means ‘Smell of Horse’, as the root has a horse-like smell. It is said to help increase energy levels in the body.

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