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Tulsi Krishna (Cut & Sifted)


Used in traditional Hindu rituals, Tulsi is a sacred herb which is native to India. There are three varieties of Tulsi; Rama, Krishna, and Vana. In herbal medicine, practitioners treat ailments such as asthma and inflammation, with Tulsi. Tulsi Rama and Krishna are the most potent. Tulsi Krishna has slightly purple leaves with a clove-like aroma and a peppery taste. It is often consumed as a tea and may be blended with other ingredients.

Organic Way sources its certified organic Tulsi (Krishna) Cut & Sifted direct from small-scale farm co-ops in India. If you like this herb’s unique flavour, you may also enjoy our organic Tulsi (Rama) Cut & Sifted.

Our cut and sifted Tulsi (Krishna) means that the herb is not sold in whole form, but rather "cut" into smaller pieces and then "sifted" to remove the small pieces and dust that result from the cutting process.

Country of Origin: India

Did you know?

Tulsi helps prevent lung disorders, heart diseases and kidney stones.

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