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Stevia Leaf Powder


Stevia Leaf Powder is a natural sweetener and originates from South America. What makes it special as compared to other sweeteners is its zero-calorie content. You can use this leaves in any recipe that calls for a sweetener. On the other hand, you should add it in appropriate amounts due to its intense sweetness. Two tablespoons of Stevia powder equals a cup of sugar. Weight and diabetes management are some common health benefits of Stevia leaf. It is also known to reduce bacterial formation in the mouth and hence a few pieces of the cut and sifted leaves can be sprinkled on toothpaste or added to mouthwashes.

Organic Way sources its certified organic Stevia Leaf Powder direct from small-scale farm co-ops in India. 



Consuming Stevia in place of sugar can keep blood glucose levels under control. You can also use this leaf if you’re suffering from diabetes or even if you’re simply looking out for a healthier alternative to white sugar, saccharin or aspartame.

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