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Stevia Leaf (Cut & Sifted)


Stevia, also known as Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, is a bushy shrub that is part of the sunflower family. There are 150 species of stevia, all native to North and South America. Stevia is a plant famous for its health benefits. It is counted as a healthy substitute for sugar. Stevia is one of the unique food ingredients because it does not add calories like most sugar substitutes. This sweet-tasting plant is used to sweeten many beverages. It is also used as a herbal supplement and a non-nutritive sweetener. It tastes 200-300 times sweeter than real sugar. Also, it is classified as no-calorie as it has negligible or low calories. Stevia benefits include weight management, diabetes control and many more, but stevia also has its side effects. Let’s read about them in detail!

Health Benefits:

  1. Good for Diabetics
  2. Fights Allergies and Counterattacks Risk of Diabetes
  3. Lowers Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes
  4. Reduces Risk of Pancreatic Cancer and Oral and Skin Health
  5. Controls Weight and Aids Special Group of People
  6. Stevia Does Not Cause any Allergy

Not only tasty and naturally sweet, stevia has plenty of health benefits for us. Give it a try if you’re looking to lessen your refined sugar intake without giving up sweets all together! A natural sweetener with proven health benefits like Stevia can bring wonders to one’s diet, especially when suffering from an illness that prevents or hinders one from the consumption of sugar.

Our Stevia Leaf Cut & Sifted is organically grown in India and imported to USA after proper examination before import. After microbial and metal testing our products are certified by USDA and Kosher. Organic Way’s Stevia Leaf Cut & Sifted is a popular herbal product. It offers an intense aroma and excellent taste to your food. The product can be use in food as well as herbal drinks.

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