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Shatavari (Powder)


Shatavari Powder helps in fighting free-radicals that damage cells in the human body. The herbal remedy has a component called saponins, that has antioxidant properties. It also is relied upon for reducing inflammations in the digestive tracts. Experts advise Shatavari for a faster immune system boost.

Organic Way’s Shatavari Powder is the perfect herbal remedy for diarrhea. The powder also acts as a diuretic and helps you fight heart diseases. One can consume it as tea or directly with water. The miraculous herb is also popularly used in India to treat ulcers, kidney stones, and reduce high level of blood sugar.

Country of Origin: India

Did You Know?

As Shatavari fights free radicals, it actually works an anti-aging agent. The root powder also helps you calm the mind and fight depression, and only a single spoon a day is good enough for it to start acting.

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