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Shankhpushpi Powder


Shankhpushpi is a plant native to India. It is scientifically called Convolvulus pluricaulis. These flowers can be blue or white in color. The conch-shaped (or shankh in Hindi) flower, also known as Asian pigeonwings, Shankhini, Kambumalini, Sadaphuli and Sankhaphuli. It helps to manage digestion and constipation due to its mild laxative property. It improves mental health and might help in managing depression due to its antidepressant activity.

According to Ayurveda, Shankhpushpi helps to calm down the brain and relieve stress as well as anxiety. It also improves memory by acting as a brain tonic due to its Medhya (improves intelligence) property. You can take Shankhpushpi powder along with warm milk or water to help boost memory and concentration.

Shankhpushpi might help to manage wrinkles and prevent ageing due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) property. Applying Shankhpushpi powder on skin helps in acne and wound healing due to its Ropan (healing) property.

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