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Sarsaparilla / Anantamul Powder


Sarsaparilla is a vine, which trails on the ground and climbs by means of tendrils growing in pairs from the petioles of the alternate, orbicular to ovate, evergreen leaves. It is used to make beverages and also used in traditional medicine.

Sarsaparilla Tea boosts the body's ability to stay healthy. This smooth and sweet tasting tea is reminiscent of the soft drink, but without harmful additives. This beneficial herbal tea is delicious hot and cold, and can be enjoyed any time of day, all year round.

In Ayurveda it goes by the name of ananthamoola or Anantmula, also known as Krishna powder and Indian Sarsaparilla. It is also called the False Sarsaparilla. It is one of the Rasayana plants of Ayurveda, as it is anabolic in its effect.

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