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Red Clover (Cut & Sifted), European Wild Harvest


Organic Way’s red clover cut and sifted can be consumed as tea and also added to certain recipes for flavor. Studies suggest that red clover is used to strengthen brittle bones and reduce bad cholesterol level in the body. It is also considered to be a home remedy for male-pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, breast pain, asthma, eczema, swellings and certain other conditions.

The soothing properties in the herb help in case of indigestion and premenstrual syndrome. The plant is usually found in open spaces such as pastures and meadows. The tea is recommended for men and women as the herb comes with healing properties for several men and women health problems.

Our cut and sifted red clover means that the herb is not sold in whole form, but rather "cut" into smaller pieces and then "sifted" to remove the small pieces and dust that result from the cutting process.

Country of Origin: Albania

Did You Know?

Red clover can also be used as a face wash or hair wash. It is, however, popularly used along with other herbs and consumed as tea.

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