Natural Way

Natural Energy Tea


Natural Way Energy Tea keep your spirits up with each revitalizing sip of this truly stimulating blend of peppermint, hibiscus, orange peel, wild rose, ginger, blueberry, aronia, fennel, basil and blackberry. This light, invigorating tea gives you natural, enduring energy at any time of the day. Enjoy this boost every time you're feeling like a sloth, and get ready to cross off everything on your to-do list!

60g (40 pyramid bags x 1.5g)

Ingredients: Peppermint, Hibiscus, Orange Peel, Wild Rose, Ginger, Blueberry, Aronia, Fennel, Basil, Blackberry. This mixture of plants contains vitamin C, antioxidants, vitamin B2, B3, vitamin E, etc.

Usage: A sachet is placed in a kettle where it boils for 10-15 minutes, then the obtained liquid is poured into a cup, sweetened as desired, with sugar or honey.

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