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Hawthorn Leaf & Flower (Whole), European Wild Harvest


The Hawthorn Leaf & Flower, from its name, is a shrub with many thorns on a hard, dark gray bark. Its white five-petal flowers decorate the thorny plant during the spring seasons, and fall off during autumn where the plant will be noticed for its bright red and juicy bunches of berries. Hawthorn tastes slightly sweet and sour, like its fruits. Tea made with the Hawthorn is very soothing and warm, making it the perfect brew for a chilly night. It has potential benefits to help improve cardiovascular health, lowering blood pressure, relieve angina (heart pain), and soothes indigestion. Organic Way sources its certified organic HAWTHORN LEAF & FLOWER directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania.

Some Hawthorn Berry breeds do not have thorns, but most of them do.

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