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Hawthorn Berries (Whole), European Wild Harvest


Hawthorn Berries are sweet and tangy in taste which is perfect for brewing tea that comes with a fruity connotation. Because of its distinct sweetness and sourness, it naturally adds a subtle hint of sweet to any tea. Whether by its own or as combination with another tea base like Jasmine green tea or black tea. The Hawthorn Berries not only elevates the taste of any tea but comes with amazing heart health benefits too. Known for its potential health effects on the heart, the Hawthorn Berry also has been said to alleviate indigestion, reduce high blood pressure, and is an anti-oxidant powerhouse. Organic Way sources its certified organic HAWTHORN BERRIES directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania. 

You might find Hawthorn Berry helpful in erectile dysfunction as well.

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