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Fenugreek Dried Leaves (Kasuri Methi)


Fenugreek is also known as ‘Kasuri Methi’. It is a very ancient spice which is used for flavouring various dishes and making herbal tea. These leaves are bitter in taste, when added to any recipe it will surely titillate your taste bud. In addition to taste, it has numerous nutritional values as well. Fenugreek leaves is a natural herb which works as a nutritional supplement. Methi leaves are loaded with fiber and many other essential nutrients. The reason why this herb is used by various herb lovers since ages is because it is very effective in battling diseases and also has numerous health benefits.

Fenugreek leaves make various healthy dishes. It can be easily incorporated into your food and improves taste and nutrition. While many people love the bitter-strong taste of methi, others find it too bitter. To remove the bitterness, sprinkle salt over the leaves and squeeze out the water before using them. Dry-roast kasuri methi before use to enhance its flavour.

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