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Calendula Petals, European Wild Harvest


Calendula petals possess strong healing properties specially in case you have skin problems. The flower is usually consumed as tea and applied on wounds, rashes, inflammation and infections. Known to help in promoting diabetic and vaginal health, calendula petals also taste completely different from any other herb when consumed as tea.

Organic Way’s Calendula Petals are highly potent, intact with the original aroma and flavor so that the consumer can experience the original taste of the flower. Our 100% organic and Kosher certified products are processed in a clean and protected environment so that the products have a higher shelf life.

Country of Origin: Albania

Did You Know?

Calendula petals must be consumed in the form of tea to promote menstrual health. It also helps in treating hemorrhoids and is one of the common home remedies for fever, nosebleeds, muscle spasms, and varicose veins.

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