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Arjuna Bark Powder


The Arjun Tree, also known as Terminalia Arjuna, is renowned in Ayurveda for a number of health and skincare benefits. The bark of this tree is the main medicinal part used for therapeutic purposes. Along with its numerous skin benefits, it is well-known for its cardio protective action.

As per Ayurvedic science, the Arjuna Bark has astringent, bitter, and slightly pungent qualities, which make it a skin friendly ingredient. It has a cooling influence on the physiology, and pacifies both Pitta and Kapha doshas. Pitta and Kapha skin concerns like acne or pigmentation can be treated with the help of skincare that contains Arjuna Bark.

The Arjuna bark is also a powerful antioxidant, it strengthens the skin barrier, and encourages sebum production so as to reduce the signs of dry skin and protect the skin from other external challenges.

A simple DIY recipe of a paste of Arjuna bark blended with some Honey, works wonderfully to heal acne prone skin. Also, applying a mix of the powders of Arjuna bark and Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia) root with Honey over the face, helps to diminish dark spots and pigmentation.

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