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Amla (Powder)


Amla Powder is an extremely powerful herbal medicine for diarrhea, jaundice, hair fall, skin problems, and many other problems in the human body. Packed with nutrients and vitamins, Organic Way’s Amla Powder is a recommend anti-inflammatory herbal remedy at its purest form.

Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners normally advise amla powder for natural treatment of irritation on the scalp, head lice problem, promote hair health and treat indigestion. The miraculous fruit contains vitamin C, tannins, phosphorus, calcium and iron. If you’re looking to have healthier locks and better looking skin, this is the powder you need to consume.

Did You Know?

You can make a paste using amla powder with eggs or milk and even plain water and apply it on your hair. People in India usually add it with henna and apply it on the hair once a month.

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