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Amla (Cut & Sifted)


Amla is the Indian gooseberry, popularly used for hair treatment and healthy skin. Cut and sifted amla can be consumed directly or added to certain foods. The fruit contains vitamin C, iron and calcium and it grows all across the country and must be included in your daily diets. This inexpensive yet highly beneficial fruit is a must in winters.

Amla gives you an immunity boost, it is good for your heart and also promotes healthy hair. Ayurvedic healthcare practitioners recommend Organic Way’s cut and sifted Amla to reduce bad cholesterol and improve your overall health.

Our cut and sifted Amla means that the herb is not sold in whole form, but rather "cut" into smaller pieces and then "sifted" to remove the small pieces and dust that result from the cutting process."

Did You Know?

You can grind and use amla on your hair to get rid of dandruff and irritation on the scalp. Gently massaging amla oil on the hair with coconut oil is the best hair treatment for any kind of hair problem.

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