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Aloe Vera (Powder)


Organic Way’s Aloe Vera is 100% organic Kosher certified product. Aloe Vera needs no introduction. It is popular across the globe as the most effective budget-friendly herbal product with no side-effects whatsoever. Kids, men and women can all use aloe vera powder in their daily diet to keep the skin healthy, hair growth strong and mind and body calm.

Aloe vera can be consumed and also applied on the skin and hair for best results within a month of using it. Other than rejuvenating the skin and hair, aloe vera has several medicinal benefits. It also tightens the pores in your skin and reduces fine lines on the facial skin. Aloe vera is certainly a must add to your daily diet.

Did You Know?

The aloe vera plant is made up of 99.5% water and only the 5% solid portion contains the nutrients that make it such a wonderful herbal remedy to skin and hair problems.

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