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Wild Bilberries Fruit (Whole), European Wild Harvest


Wild Bilberries fruit is also known as the whortleberry, European blueberry, and huckleberry. Fresh wild bilberry fruits can be eaten just like how you’d eat any other berry. They are much more intense in flavor as compared to your ordinary blueberries, and are much softer and juicier. The dried variant of this fruit can be brewed as a sweet cup of tea that taste fruity with a zingy flavor. Drinking wild bilberry fruit tea can improve your eye health and prevent age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis (eye infections), cataracts, and dry eyes. Organic Way sources its certified organic wild bilberries fruit directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania.

Juice obtained from bilberries is used as edible ink for staining meat.

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