Ginger Rubbed Grilled Pork Chops

“Cook it like a steak”. That is my advice whenever anyone asks me about pork chops. Pork chops are one of the easiest meats to grill as long as you treat it just like a beef steak, starting at the meat counter. Skip those little skinny butterflied pork chops, you wouldn’t buy a steak that thin right? Go for chops about 1.5 inches thick and cook those babies over high heat until medium-rare to medium. Just like a steak, I like to keep it simple with my chops too, so I prefer a great dry rub over marinating (mainly because I am a last minute kind of guy). This particular rub’s starring role goes to ground ginger, with cumin and coriander sharing the Best Supporting Actor award. You do have a cheap coffee grinder just for rubs now, right? If not, just lie to me and quietly drive down to Target and get the cheapest blade grinder they have.