Gin and Tonic Cake: A Cocktail Turned Confection

Herbal and effervescent, a gin and tonic just might be the most refreshing concoction in existence. I’m not sure why the drink has been on my mind lately; perhaps it’s the recent surge of warm weather, or more likely, my own need for invigoration. Whatever the reason, gin and tonic was quick to transform from a classic cocktail to a fresh dessert – first in my mind, then in my kitchen.

Juniper berries are intrinsic to gin, so it seemed natural to reach for them here, ignoring their common use as a savory seasoning. A bit sweet and sour with a hint of pepper and pine, the little blue spheres taste a lot like the liquor they flavor: aromatic, clean, earthy and botanical. I chose a unique, locally-sourced gin that proved to be simultaneously warm, cool and forest-like on the palate. It was sure to pair wondrously with fizzy tonic water and fresh lime – not merely to sip, but to bite, chew and savor.