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Papaya Coarse Cut


Organic Way's products are known to offer perfection in taste, quality and quantity. Dried papaya (Papaya Coarse Cut) is one of the most preferred gifts for all occasions. Our papaya dries are hand selected by food experts and packed with nutrition to promote good health and to serve as a healthy treat to snack on while you are on the go.

Our papaya coarse are cut and dried only to an extent where the fruit doesn't lose its nutritional values, aroma and taste. The item can be baked with dough for bread and batter for cake. Naturally rich in fiber, dried papaya is also a popular ingredient used in desserts.

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Did You Know?
Papaya dries serve as a natural, tasty and healthy energizing snack that you can munch on once a day and keep your sweet cravings satisfied. 

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