Organic Way LLC

Apple Wild Dries


Organic Way imports the purest 100% organic wild apple dries especially for our consumers. This dried fruit from Sri Lanka brings a bitter-sour tinge to your food and beverages and add a fantastic flavor to green tea and healthy salads. Collected from the jungles, stored and processed in a hygienic environment, Organic Way’s wild apple dries have the real taste of wild apples intact in the packaging.

Our Wild Apple Dries can be used in pickles, jams, sauces, and several other interesting homemade food recipes. The dries can also be used in several varieties of apple pie. 

Country of Origin: Sri Lanka

Did You Know?

Wild apples used to be known as “health fruit” by the Nagas. Apple dries works as an appetizer for health. These dries contain vitamin A, C, B1, B2, calcium, folic acid and a few other essential nutrients for the body.

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