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Marshmallow Leaf (Whole), European Wild Harvest


The Marshmallow Leaf looks like a maple leaf in terms of shape. You can use both the leaves and roots of the marshmallow plant as medicine and flavoring agents. The Marshmallow Leaf has several health benefits such as relieving stomach ulcers, diarrhea, and constipation. You can infuse the Marshmallow Leaf in a pot of boiling water and enjoy a warm, earthy, and mild tasting cup of tea. It might taste rather bland, or even unpleasant to some but a cup of this tea could help to alleviate your stomach upsets. Organic Way sources its certified organic MARSHMALLOW LEAF directly from small-scale farm co-ops in Albania. 

The roots of the marshmallow were used in ancient Egypt to make candied confectionary to serve to their gods.

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